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HBP uses cutting-edge extraction techniques to produce the industry's highest quality extracts and infused goods. With a team devoted to consistently delivering the best products on the market, you can be assured your customers will be back for more. 

HBP's transportation services can always be counted on for timely delivery. Our logistics and sales teams work with you to make shipments easy. 



HBP is proud of our proprietary extraction method.

We are exctied for you to benefit from our extract being infused in your products. We are happy to work with fellow manufacturers to find the right extract that's ideal for your products. 

​Our extraction process is rooted in science, and HBP is dedicated to providing the gold standard in cannabis oil.  HBP can provide a trusted source of cannabis oil so that you can focus on your recipes and execution.


At HBP, the quality of our products is mirrored by our exceptional customer service. 

We not only hold ourselves to the highest industry standards in the manufacturing of our products, but also supporting our customer relationships. Our team is committed to providing timely and detailed answers regarding our goods and services. We look forward to hearing your feedback to ensure that our products and services continue to be the highest quality in the industry.

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